Plating & Anodizing


Melling Industries can offer a variety of anodize services.

  • Depending on the type required, an anodize thickness range can be provided as follows:

                     • Chromic Acid Anodize (Type I) .00005”-.0001”

                     • Sulfuric Acid Anodize (Type II) .0001”-.0008”

                     • Hard coat Anodize (Type III) .0008”-.003”
  • From black to gold to red to many other colors, anodized aluminum surfaces offer color stability under ultraviolet rays and do not chip where a painted surface would.
  • Our Anodize vendor also retains numerous aerospace Prime and Nadcap approvals to support many process requirements.

Plating – 

Melling Industries can offer clients completely finished parts by taking advantage of the benefits some of its suppliers possess, which include:

  • Whether your needs require large volume barrel plating or rack zinc plating, degreasing, alkaline part cleaning or acid pickle service, you can rely on us for a quality job, delivered on time.
  • Many conventional post-treatments are available:

                  ·   Dichromate (also called yellow chromate, irridite or iridescent bronze)
                  ·   Clear chromate ( bright zinc, blue-bright or colorless chromate)
                  ·   Black chromate (also known as black zinc)
                  ·   Olive drab chromate (a flat dark green chromate)
                  ·   Color dye (blue, red, green, gold)
                  ·   Passivation of stainless steel
                  ·   We also offer trivalent chromates and sealers to meet today's specs

Plating & Anodizing Product Sample Images